FSBO Pros and Cons

For sale by owner, or FSBO, is a method of selling a home, where the seller sells directly to a prospective buyer without the involvement of a middleman.

It’s possible to sell your house in Florida through an FSBO method but it’s advisable you weigh FSBO pros and cons in Florida before giving it a try.


The following are the main advantages of an FSBO sale:

Low Commission

You’ll definitely pay a lower commission if you take the FSBO route. Through an FSBO sale, you can reduce the payment of agent commissions by half when only your buyer has an agent. Apart from that, you won’t also have to pay as high as between 2% and 3% in listing agent commission.

More Control

Chances are that you’ll have more control over the sale of your house if you want to sell it through FSBO. You’ll be able to set the price, market your house, negotiate prices, schedule inspections and do more, all on your own.

Quick Sale

You may be able to sell your house faster through FSBO. This is because it makes the whole process easy since you’ll probably be dealing with family and friends.


Less Visibility

Your listing will have less visibility if you’re selling it through FSBO. This is so because a few people will only know that it’s on sale

Inaccurate Pricing

You stand a great risk of underpricing or overpricing your house in an FSBO sale. Undersell it and lose a few bucks. Overprice it and scare away potential buyers.

More Stress

FSBO is stressful because a lot of work is involved. You’ll have to shoulder all the responsibilities of an FSBO sale, from valuing and marketing your house to negotiating prices, scheduling inspections and so much more.

An FSBO sale affords you the opportunity to pay lower commissions, have more control over your property sale and increase your chances of selling your house in no time. However, the issues of less visibility, inaccurate pricing and stress make the FSBO method less appealing.

If you’re still worried about the issues surrounding FSBO after weighing the FSBO pros and cons above, then why not approach a real estate agent for help?

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