Seller`s Guide


Selling a home is a significant financial decision – one that isn’t easy to make. And with so many reasons at play, often personal and emotional, the last thing you need is a stressful selling process.

With the Real Estate industry constantly fluctuating, each day brings on a new challenge, which is why the most important thing is knowing when to sell.

This Selling Guide is your road map to success. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about selling your home.


Buying and selling real estate can be incredibly complex – regardless of how often you’ve been through the process.

Choosing the right Realtor is crucial – after all, they’ll be your advocate and help you sell your property for the most profit and the least hassle. They’ll walk you through the entire process – from pre-listing and closing to keeping the transaction running as smoothly as possible; a good Realtor can change the entire ball game.

Fortunately for you, V is the only Realtor you’ll ever need for all your real estate needs. From searching extensive lists of properties or negotiating deals with sellers, you’re one document away from stepping into your dream home.


As leading pioneers of in-house appraisals to help clients get a better idea of the value of their property, and mitigate the risk of loss, our home appraisal services are why homeowners choose Florida Homes without any second thought.

Unlike most others in the industry, Florida Homes doesn’t leave you to play guessing games regarding the value of your home. Instead, we appraise your property thoroughly by creating reports based on visual inspection, recent sales, and current market trends that result in complete peace of mind.

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