How to Sell a House in Florida

For sale by owner, or FSBO, is a method of selling a home, where the seller sells directly to a prospective buyer without the involvement of a middleman.

It’s possible to sell your house in Florida through an FSBO method but it’s advisable you weigh FSBO pros and cons in Florida before giving it a try.

How to Sell a House in Florida through FSBO

Here are a few things to do if you want the FSBO option:

Make Repairs

If you want an inspector to inspect your house before putting it up for sale, then you definitely need to get a few things in order before they come. Some common areas top inspectors usually look at include grading/slope, stucco, roofing materials, the environment, and plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. So, fix these things up before a pre-sale or buyer inspection in order to speed up the sale process.

Fill out Disclosure Forms

Fill out Florida’s Seller Property Disclosure before listing your house as required by law. The form discloses to a prospective buyer everything that might affect the value of a listed property, which the buyer may be unable to observe. So, the form lists the features of your house such as the number of ceiling fans, oven and dishwasher brands, and trash compactor. It also lists other things as access roads to the house, location, roofing, zoning and more.

Clean and Declutter

Clean and declutter your home before selling it out because it pays to do so. Research also shows that a well cleaned and decluttered home sells faster and higher. You can take it a notch further if you want more value for your house by staging it. This will help would-be buyers know what they could use each space in the listed property for when they eventually buy it. One more thing you should do apart from cleaning, decluttering and staging your home is to take care of the exterior too as this would increase the curb appeal.

Set the Right Price

You should set the price of your house competitively if you want to sell it fast. However, deciding the appropriate value of your home could be a very risky undertaking. Price it too high and you’ll scare away potential buyers and cause your property to be on the market for too long. Price it too low and you’ll undersell your house and ever live to regret it.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Hire a professional photographer to help bring out nice but often hidden features of your home and showcase them to prospective buyers, especially if you want to sell it online. A professional photographer will choose the best angles to shoot, ensure that there’s adequate interior and natural lighting, and edit each photograph for optimum brightness and exposure.


Some sellers prefer FSBO in order to avoid paying agent commissions. However, there are a lot of risks and challenges associated with an FSBO sale such as underselling your house and the stress involved.

How Vilmari Caraballo Can Help

If you don’t know how to sell a house in Florida or want to mitigate the risks and challenges inherent in an FSBO sale, a good realtor is your surest bet.

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